Our Story

Scott Iles and Greg Hammond, Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors

“Our advisory roles position us to have a greater impact not only with our clients, but also in the community.” – Scott Iles & Greg Hammond

Throughout our years of practicing wealth management, we have come to believe that if we invest the time and energy required to explore and define, in depth, our clients’ goals and purpose we can guide them toward financial prosperity and empower them to make a significant impact on the people and organizations they care deeply about.

Kelly Financial Group was founded by the dynamic and vibrant Walter J. Kelly, Jr. in 1984 with a philosophy to give solid investment advice. Greg Hammond joined the firm in 1999 as a licensed assistant. With a passion for investing and a desire to do more than taxes for the individuals he worked with, Greg transitioned from accounting to financial services. In 2001 Scott Iles came onboard and Greg became Vice President and Chief Investment Officer.

Upon his retirement in 2005, Walter J. Kelly Jr. transferred the firm to Greg Hammond and Scott Iles who maintained the core values and made a smooth transition in ownership without losing a single client.

Greg and Scott examined their mutual goals, planning the firm’s future direction to include a charitable component and an educational radio show “Planning for Tomorrow” that aired on WTIC News Talk 1080 for over three years. The show educated people on wealth preservation, concerns in retirement and charitable planning. Together with clients, the firm has raised over $50,000 for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. On this inspiration, Planned Giving Strategies was founded in 2008 with a program to help chari-ties by showing their donors how to plan effectively, pay less in taxes, give more to their heirs and the organizations they wish to support.

Despite the market turbulence of the past decade, the firm has grown and prospered under Greg Hammond and Scott Iles watchful leadership and belief that preserving capital is the foundation for growing wealth. To reflect our new direction, Kelly Financial Group became Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors in 2012. We look forward to our next chapter, where we can have a meaningful and lasting impact on our communities and for those we serve.

Hammond Iles Wealth AdvisorsWe’ve adopted the oak tree as our symbol because it is an emblem of virtue, strength, resiliency, longevity and family heritage. We look forward to our next chapter, where we hope to have an even more meaningful and lasting impact in our communities and for those we serve.