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Life goes by fast...

If only we had a way to grow our money so we can do what matters most to us.

Enter investing.

But learning how to invest for higher returns comes with unwise choices and disconnected online tutorials.

That's why we pledge to educate investors. 

Our guided sessions are custom made for busy people who want clarity and confidence they are making the best financial choices for their future: in as little as 1 hour per month—and effortlessly applied to everyday life.

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Slay Your Money Demons

Money can be an evil master that peddles the dream of power and unimaginable freedom. At the same time, it can hold us prisoner, play on our weaknesses, crush our spirits, and emotionally manipulate us.

What would it feel like to unshackle ourselves and reframe the conversation around money? How can we choose to reclaim our power and make the impossible, possible?

Wed November 20, 2019
6:30-8:00pm Atrium Meeting Space,
100 Great Meadow Rd., Wethersfield, CT 06109 
We’ll enjoy a light autumn dinner!

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Photo by Mike Marques at the Money Demons Fathom Sip Session


Engineering Matters Lunch & Learn


Do I have to outsmart the market to be a successful investor?

Financial markets have rewarded many long-term investors. People expect a positive return on the money they invest, and historically, the equity and bond markets have provided growth of wealth that has more than offset inflation.

Learn how ups and downs in the financial markets can work for you. 

Future dates TBA

American Dream Experience

The American Dream Experience brings people together around a purpose that is far greater than money. 

It's an uplifting and empowering exploration of something we often don’t talk about: our purpose for life and our family’s financial future. Engage in a masterful exploration of what investing is, what it's not, how it works, and how it can help you fulfill on your purpose for life.

 Gain confidence and peace of mind about your finances

 Reconnect with what you dream of having out of life and create a new mindset to pursue it

 Rediscover and realize your own unique version of the American Dream

2 Day Summit
Vermont October 1 & 2

Day 1: Thursday 10/1 8:30am-5:00pm
Day 2: Friday 10/2 8:30am-5pm
Hotel Vermont, 41 Cherry Street, Burlington, VT 05401

Enjoy an autumn retreat with exceptional education, healthy food, and an authentic local experience.

Sign up for 10/1 & 2 at (800) 416-1655, or



You Can Do More That Matters®

An event especially for people who want to build a living legacy, LIVE MORE and GIVE MORE.

Today’s Savvy Investors Use Gifting Strategies to Double the Impact of Their Retirement Accounts

  • Learn how to create an income you can’t outlive
  • Eliminate taxes on your family inheritance
  • Save twice with charitable donations even if you do not itemize deductions on your federal income tax return
  • Use income taxes and taxable assets to build a living legacy and Do More That Matters®.
  • How the IRS can match your charitable gift

To book this event for your church or group, please call (800) 416-1655 or contact us here.


FREE Document Shredding

Bring up to 5 file size boxes of papers and documents for FREE confidential shredding by ProShred Security. Protect yourself from identity theft with this safe, secure opportunity to shred your most confidential documents. Simply drop your documents off at our Wethersfield office during regular business hours to be stored in a secure container for monthly shredding.

Click here for suggested document retention time guideline.

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