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Tax Planning “What’s Philanpoppy?”

In our practice, regular folks- the “millionaires next door” [] often do not relate, at first, to the possibilities of philanthropy – until they see that they can do it voluntarily so the government doesn’t make them do it involuntarily. That realization appeals to those innate human drives for autonomy, mastery and purpose. – excerpt from chapter 4 “What’s philanpoppy?” one client asked. He quickly learned – not only how to pronounce the word but also its many benefits. And today, he is quite active in his giving to his church, as well as several community charitable organizations he cares about. He also restated his trust, zeroing out federal estate taxes in favor of his family’s chosen causes and organizations. Truth is, once the average affluent come to understand how philanthropy can work for them and their families, and that it is not just for the realm of the ultra-wealthy, they want to do more.

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