A Reminder, Life is Short

By: Hammond Iles on August 1st, 2014

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A Reminder, Life is Short

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Recently, I received a disheartening telephone message. The call came from the daughter of a good friend and client who passed away last week from pancreatic cancer. Young and vibrant, her life was shorter than it should have been. In our practice, I dread this type of call because they are reminders that many lives are shorter than we hope. We always think that we have more time. More time to be with our family, more time to do what we enjoy doing, and more time to live our life’s purpose. The truth is, not one of us knows just how much time we have.

Occasions like this are a wakeup call for us to stop, think, and dream about what we want and take action while we can. I encourage you to pull out a piece of paper and a pen. Draw a line to divide the paper into two parts. On one side, list the things you enjoy and want to do. What places you want to see and experience? What change or improvement do you hope to make to your home? Who would you like to enjoy more time with?

On the other side, list the impact you want to make on the people, causes and organizations that you cherish. How do you want people to remember you? What wisdom, values or financial support do you want to provide to your children, grandchildren and family members? What causes or organizations would you like to sustain with your time, talent or treasure?

Once you start your two lists, (notice I did not say complete your list, since our lists always change and grow) take three steps:

First, tell someone else about your lists. When we share our goals and dreams with others, they become real and we gain accountability toward making them a reality.

Second, take one small action today toward something on your list. Order a brochure for a place you hope to visit, or write a note to a family member to say you are thinking of them. Don’t let another day go by without moving one small step closer to something on your list.

Finally, contact our office. Let’s meet to talk about your list and the financial concerns that might be holding you back. Together, we can work toward pursuing your dreams and life visions.

Each of us thinks we have more time―until we don’t. Let’s make the most of it.

Greg Hammond, CFP®, CPA is a wealth impact strategist who works with individuals, families, closelyheld and familyowned businesses, helping them grow and preserve wealth, plan for retirement and  manage their charitable giving. You can reach Greg at 1-800-416-1655 or info@hammondiles.com for financially intelligent guidance or a Wealth Impact Assessment to show how you can build a legacy of your values, influence, and money without sacrificing your own lifetime goals and objectives.