The 3 Dimensions of Wealth - Personal

By: Hammond Iles on April 22nd, 2013

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The 3 Dimensions of Wealth - Personal

Wealth Management

The skillful blending of the three dimensions of your wealth - Financial, Personal and Social allows you to build a legacy of your values, influence, and money so you can truly make a difference in the world.

Moving beyond the financial and into the personal dimension of wealth, ask yourself “What is important about money to me?”  When I ask my clients, their answers initially tend to be safety, security and financial independence.

Have you ever thought; “If only I had more money I would…”  Most answers fall into two categories - dreams and lifeprints. I find that most people have the capacity to fulfill their dreams, but haven’t given themselves the freedom or permission.  Isn’t it a pity to have the ability to accomplish your dreams but never try?  Oliver Wendell Holmes said it’s like “going to your grave with the music still in you.”

Lifeprints, similar to fingerprints, are the unique marks or legacies you build during your life and leave behind as a sign of your life on earth.  Typically, lifeprints affect people, causes or institutions. My business partner Scott and I feel very strongly about this and our mission statement reflects it. Our core values led us to adopt the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as one of our charities of choice and it’s one of our Lifeprints.