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Message from Greg Hammond, CFP®, CPA
CEO, Hammond Iles Wealth Advisors

Our commitment to you is that you have an understanding of your portfolio, a purpose for your money—AND you have confidence around investing in all market conditions. Given the markets, I’d like to give you some immediate information to help you and your family worry less:



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Clear Paths to Purposeful Living

Live a more fulfilling, intentional and enjoyable life—whether you want to prepare for what’s next, make work optional, retire, or build a living legacy that flows out into the world.

Get to the core of your purpose, make informed choices, and take timely, confident action in support of what really matters to you with our one-on-one investing and life coaching program, educational workshops, and financial planning roadmaps.

When you think of the future—what do you want to be true?

We’re passionate about life and living it in all of its fullness. Fueled by this belief, we inspire you discover your unique purpose and passion, then plan and invest to express it.

As an investing and life coaching firm, we continually educate our clients to protect you from unwise choices, inspire new possibilities for your future, and empower you to realize your financial potential.

The American Dream Experience



2 Day Summit
Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2, 2020
Hotel Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Reconnect with what you dream of having out of life and create a new mindset to pursue it.

Gain a new understanding of what investing is, what it's not, and the difference it can make for you and your family.

Rediscover and realize your own unique version of the American Dream

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